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Aim High, But Never Forget Your Roots

Doordeck had to go global to find our early adopters but now we’re building partnerships right here in London.
August 6, 2019

Someone asked me at the beginning of the year a hypothetical question: what change in the security sector would have the biggest impact on Doordeck’s growth cycle?

I was slightly flummoxed.

Our growth has been decent, but that has been largely due to some bold moves, internationally. The simple fact is that the US has been far more receptive to our cutting-edge tech and, as much as it pains me to say it, opening doors in the UK has been a much trickier proposition.

So a more accurate question for me to consider is, what needs to happen in the UK for our growth to follow the same healthy path as it has in the US?

The answer, then, is much easier to identify.

The answer is: Tenant Engagement Apps (TEA’s)

Tenant Engagement Apps in the UK

TEA’s are big business in the USA and we have made great inroads with the global Big Five”, including Lane and HqO.

Back on home turf, however, the TEA landscape is only at a nascent stage, with just a handful of TEA’s currently in play.

That said, we are delighted to announce our first TEA integration in the UK, with the innovative startup, Savvy which officially goes live Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Savvy subscribe to the worldview that in an age when many people can work from home, a workplace has to be an extraordinary place, where people want to come to every day.

They do that by placing a strong emphasis on personal wellbeing.

I first met Savvy CEO, Freddie Pritchard Smith, near the beginning of the Doordeck journey, when he was only just co-founding his PropTech startup too. He said to me:

“One in five adults in the UK admit to feeling lonely... Yet we all tend to spend more time than anywhere else than at work. Therefore, don’t we need to make work-life more health and well-being focused?”

I found Freddie’s reason for starting up Savvy compelling. And I knew our product could add great value to his vision. So we started better understanding his pain points and where we could support.

Savvy Buildings

Savvy’s client roster includes Derwent London, one of the largest Real Estate Investment Trust’s (REIT) in London, who’s pioneering smart buildings pay special attention to wellbeing sustainability.

For example, these properties incorporate IoT integrations that measure air quality and other factors to ensure the most valuable asset of any building—‘the people'—can thrive in their working environment.

Savvy’s app, therefore, requires seamless integration to the property’s own smart-platforms to grant landlords, building managers and tenants instant communication.

This emphasis on communication is central to Savvy’s product offering.

We know that community-information in traditional workspaces gets lost, says Freddie. We’ve all been there when someone in an office is hosting a lunchtime workshop, a social event, or an opportunity for cross-business activity, but it is massively under attended because very few people read the email-invite in time.

The Savvy engagement app aims to remedy this age-old communications problem by providing a one-stop-shop platform, where everyone in a property can participate in their community.

So Where Does Doordeck Fit In?

Quite simply: by integrating our mobile door-access API into the Savvy app, we have an indispensable tool, that not only reduces cost and plastic waste but can pretty much guarantee adoption of the app.

Freddie explains further:

“We live in an attention economy. Everyone is vying for our attention: Facebook, Twitter and whatever other platforms you have on your phone. So, despite our app’s seamless smart building integrations, that also functions as a secure and fun communication platform, like any product, we cannot guarantee perfect levels of adoption.
However, if tenants can use our app to physically open the door to their workplace, Doordeck’s integration literally bypasses the early-adoption hurdle synonymous with all new apps and technology.
From there, we focus on providing in-app features and services that help to build and nurture a community where tenants will want to stay.”

Doordeck is extremely proud to have partnered with Savvy for our first official UK integration. Like us, Savvy is still a startup with a very long road ahead. Moreover, they understand that you have to make bold moves to succeed in the rapidly-changing PropTech market.

Many More Doors To Open

Savvy is one of several Tenant Engagement Apps that have recently exploded in the UK and EU market. Doordeck's manufacturer-agnostic tech perfectly compliments tenant engagement and other third party apps alike, allowing them to offer their customers the most cutting edge experience in door-access.

We hope Savvy’s determination to offer their customers the most advanced technology available paves the way for many more Doordeck/TEA partnerships to follow, because as they say "old ways won't open new doors".

William Bainborough
CEO of Doordeck